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Come Thru Compton!

Election Results

Will the REAL Jace Dawson Please Stand Up?




Jace Dawson running for Los Angeles City Council’s 10th District






Youth Pastor Dr. Jace Dawson In His Own Words

Jace Dawson's Campaign Manager Spins His Lies





Jace was asked to provide proof that could be independently corroborated of all of his claims to the
Stonewall Democratic Club Steering Committee and instead decided to return their endorsement.






Jace Dawson says he has been a “longtime resident” of Compton– a 7-year resident to be exact–but he continues to contradict himself.

In an interview with Voyage LA, Jace Dawson said:

“Well, I was born of two military parents in Houston, Texas. At the age of two, we moved to Compton, California, I’ve lived in and out of the city of Compton in Los Angeles County since the age of two. We left California due to the overwhelming amount of violence and our home being shot up in the ’90s.”



Current Number of Degrees Jace Dawson is Claiming TODAY

Jace Dawson claims he has:

  • B.A. in Speech Communications
  • Master’s in Mental Health Studies
  • Ph.D. in Human Behavior Studies Ministry
  • Master’s in Communications
  • Master’s in Public Health
  • A degree in Speech Communications Debate Oratory
  • Master’s in Mental Health Counseling
  • Ph.D. in Mental Health and Human Behavior Studies
  • Master’s in Sociology
  • Master’s in Mental Health and Community Development

That’s 10 degrees!

Jace also claims that he is a student at Yale University and a current Ph.D. student at another university

What verifiable proof of this does he have, proof that can be independently corroborated?

On LinkedIn Jace Dawson claimed the following education he went to Zukuland University -and studied International Ministry Studies and International Politics. There is no record of a Zukuland University.

He claims to have a Master’s degree in Communications from New Charter University.  New Charter University changed its name to Botegga University and they do not offer a Master’s in Communications and they are known as a diploma mill.


A diploma mill, also known as a degree mill, is a phony university that sells college diplomas and transcripts—the actual pieces of paper—rather than the educational experience. Diploma mills are scam colleges that literally crank out fake diplomas to anyone who pays the requested “tuition.”

Jace Dawson claims to have a degree from Texas Southern University in Speech Communications Debate Oratory.


On Jace Dawson’s Facebook page he lists the following as his educational background:

  • Studied Public Health at King College. They don’t offer courses in Public Health
  • Studied Philosophy and Mental Health at Charter University. Charter University is a known diploma mill where you can buy fake degrees.

He claims to have a Master’s from Kings College. They don’t appear to offer courses in Public Health.

In an interview Jace claimed:

“I went to New York City where I studied and received my master’s one in sociology and another in mental health and community development.”

That’s amazing because one would have thought that due to his “singing career” Jace wouldn’t have had the time to get not one but two Master’s degrees. His YouTube page is poppin’. With 11 subscribers, he’s got oodles of videos from his time in New York “performing.”

Watch out Lil Nas X.

Call me by my name, call me by my name. Jace is in the building. J-J-Jace is in the building.

And we’re aware of Jace’s penchant for deleting anything that exposes his lies so we saved all of these videos in case they “disappear” from YouTube like his LinkedIn page.  We’ll be able to put them back up.

And then there’s this gem. We couldn’t make this up if we tried to. And for the record at last glance the video had only 79 views. 79.

On Jace Dawson’s campaign website, he claims to be a student in Yale’s mobile study program, studying Politics and Urban planning. What is that?

During a candidate’s forum on March 26, 2021 (video is below), in Compton, Jace Dawson claimed to have a Bachelor’s degree in speech communication, a Masters in Mental Health counseling, a PhD in Mental Health and Human Behavior Studies from a theological seminary school, be a current PhD student at another university.


In an interview with Lonzo Williams on his show The Compton Chronicles (video is below), Jace Dawson claimed that he attended Minister in Houston, Texas that is a part of the Theological Seminary Institute, and that he attended the Interdenominational Christian Fellowship that is accredited by Midwestern University.

It doesn’t appear that Midwestern University accredits this school and the Interdenominational Christian Fellowship college or university cannot be found online.

In the same interview, Jace Dawson claimed that while at Interdenominational Christian Fellowship he focused on the mental health studies ministry doctoral program and that he attended Bottega University (diploma mill) and received a bachelor’s degree.

He previously stated he received his bachelor’s from Texas State University.

He also claimed that he went to New Rochelle College and received a Masters in Mental Health Counseling

There is no New Rochelle College. There is a College of New Rochelle and there’s no mental health degree.  The school is a known diploma mill.



In an interview Jace claimed:

“I came back to LA County specifically the city of Compton because I accepted the internship in the CNN building located in Hollywood working on the first Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.”

What proof does Jace Dawson have that he was hired by the Hilary Clinton Presidential campaigns? 

How come none of the elected officials and political campaigns he’s claimed to work for were listed on his LinkedIn? Instead he listed a job at Rite-Aide and a position at Fox News that Fox News confirmed he never had.  

In an interview Jace claimed:

“In the midst of doing that, I was working as the executive  director finances and human resources for one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the state of California and achieving my doctorate in mental health and human behavior with an emphasis on humanities. Not to mention becoming the youth pastor with my church unity fellowship while fostering children whose parents were kidnapped in my opinion, and left at the border in cages awaiting their return to Mexico. I worked with many major candidates running for state assembly, Los Angeles City Council, backing candidates for Compton City Council, and board of supervisors.”

What verifiable proof of this does he have, proof that can be independently corroborated?

On his Stonewall Democratic Candidate’s questionnaire, Jace lists himself as the Director of Human Resources and  Finance at the Eat Club in Redwood City. 

    • His direct supervisor said he worked as an HR Business Partner and that “He was not a Director of Finance.” She also said that she didn’t recall the exact separation date, but her memory is that it was either late in 2019 or at the beginning of 2020.
    • Furthermore, Jace’s Stonewall application is dated 2/12/2021. If Jace separated from Eat Club in 2019 or even 2020, why would he list them as current employers? 
    • After researching the Eat Club HR Business Partner position it’s been discovered it’s more of a recruitment position for sales-minded people to bring business into Eat Club.

What verifiable proof does Jace have that can be independently corroborated to show that he was the Director of Human Resources and Finance? 

On Facebook, Jace lists Bravo as his current employer since 2015 working in Public Relations.

What verifiable proof of this does he have, proof that can be independently corroborated?


On LinkedIn, Jace claims to have worked for Fox News Channel from 2007 to 2010 but Fox News says they never had an employee by Jace Dawson or Jonathan Dawson.



On Jace Dawson’s website he claims to have worked as a “former Obama Administration official and representative” President Obama was in office from 2008 to 2016 during which he claims to have been a store manager for Rite Aid and working at Fox News Channel and Bravo.

When questioned about it he changed his website to say he worked as a “former Obama Administration official and representative” in their “fellowship program.” There is no proof or documentation that Jace Dawson was ever a White House Fellow.


Jace says that he worked for Ritchie Torres’ campaign (video below) and then interned with him at New York city hall for his first two years.  That would have had to have been in 2013 until 2015. Jace said he moved back to Compton in 2014. Both Torres and the staffer who managed the interns don’t know who Jace is.

Jace says that he worked for Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee (video below) for three years while at Texas Southern University.

Jace also says he worked for Texas Senator Rodney Ellis (video below).  Senator Ellis was in office from 1992 to 2012.  When did Jace work for Senator Ellis?

Jace says he worked for Congressmember Al Green (video below).

What verifiable proof of this does he have, proof that can be independently corroborated?

Jace says he worked for Congressmember Mickey Leland (video below).

On August 7, 1989, Congressmmember Leland died in a plane crash in Gambela, Ethiopia during a mission to Fugnido, Ethiopia.

When did Jace work for Congressmember Leland? And, was it in the land of the living or the dead–heaven or in hell?

What verifiable proof of this does he have, proof that can be independently corroborated?

Jace says he worked on Supervisor Holly Mitchell’s campaign (video below) for Supervisor but the campaign denies any involvement with him.

He says he worked on Obama and Clinton’s Presidential campaigns in California but continues to offer no proof of his claims.




Under Education and Access 4D on the Stonewall application Jace Dawson claims to be a foster parent.  What proof does he have of being a foster parent? A license from a social welfare agency? A letter from DCFS stipulating he’s a foster parent? What verifiable proof of this does he have, proof that can be independently corroborated?

In an interview Jace claimed,

“Another obstacle was becoming a parent. While living in New York City, I fostered a newborn baby girl with the Latin background. I was supposed to have her in my household for just three days, but those three days turned into 15 months for the first year and a half of her life my home was the only home she had ever known.”

Who can this be verified within child welfare? A social worker or social worker agency? What verifiable proof of this does he have, proof that can be independently corroborated?


Jace Dawson listed the following as organizational endorsers (#34) on the Stonewall 


  • Intelligence Matters Org
  • Los Angeles Young Professionals
  • L.A. Black Worker Center
  • Compton Pride

Compton Pride said they did not endorse Jace. 

The L.A. Black Worker Center has confirmed they do not endorse, did not endorse Jace Dawson and do not even know who he is.

There is no record of the organizations’ “Intelligence Matters Org” or “Los Angeles Young Professionals” on the Internet or social media. There is the Los Angeles Urban League Young Professionals and Young Professionals Los Angeles.  Does Jace mean one of these organizations?

Can Jace please explain why he claimed to have the endorsements of Compton Pride and the L.A. Black Worker Center?  


Jace claimed to Fox 11 that he didn’t know he had a LinkedIn page, but shortly after the interview, the page was deleted.  Why?

Report Jace Dawson for Voter Fraud!

Compton residents, contact election officials to report Jace Dawson’s misrepresentation of himself in his official candidate’s statement that was printed and mailed to voters. He did not work for the Obama Administration.


Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk Voter Fraud Hotline
(800) 815-2666

Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office Public Integrity Division
(213) 257-2475

City of Compton
Alita Godwin
City Clerk

Damon M. Brown
City Attorney